It’s pret­ty nice that many children’s book cre­ators have fig­ured out that they can make books please the palates of both kids and . These new books for tots and preschool­ers are wit­ty, cre­ative, smart and zesty. Tri­an­gle By Mac and Jon Klassen; Can­dlewick Press; 46 pages; $15.9 The first in dynam­ic Mac Bar­nett and Jon Klassen’s new tril­o­gy about shapes is Tri­an­gle , a mesh of small­er pic­ture book and big board book in a unique size per­fect for small hands. The star of the tale is Tri­an­gle, who has expres­sive eyes and two stick legs. He heads out of his tri­an­gle-shaped house to play a sneaky trick on Square. On the way, all the tri­an­gle-shaped trees and hills slow­ly turn to square-shaped. He pre­tends to hiss like a snake, which Square. Square then retal­i­ates and chas­es Tri­an­gle back to his tri­an­gle house but becomes stuck in the door­way when he tries to enter. This makes Triangle’s house dark, and that fright­ens Tri­an­gle. Tri­an­gle is yet incred­i­bly wit­ty and fun. It is a wry, cool look at friend­ship, with hip, sparse illus­tra­tions that’ll please all ages. Fem­i­nist Baby By Loryn Brantz; Dis­ney Hype­r­i­on; […]