Hey! Like a lot of people, I’ve read disneyfananalyst’s story Scars Exposed and Secrets Unfold, and I’m completely amazed by it! If you haven’t, I strongly suggest reading it, even though I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under. The story is a slightly more mature version of Descendants, following on how some of the villain kids’ closest friends find out how their friends’ childhoods were more horrifying than they thought. The link is provided here: https/m./s/12640035/1/Scars-Exposed-and-Secrets-Unfold Anyways, I’ve gotten permission from the author to start a series of short stories on the villain kids’ lives on the Isle of the Lost, mostly based on what was said in the story. I might add a few things of my own, but who knows? I’ll be following headcanon, with the exception of Melissa De La Cruz’s book series and Descendants: Wicked World. Disclaimer: I do not own Descendants or any of its characters! NOTE: these short stories have several mentions/references of physical and verbal abuse. If you do not like reading about this, don’t read these. Thank you. Note: these will MOSTLY be set when the VKs are already a gang. As always, suggestions/feedback is always welcome! This first […]

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