Literary Agent Interview: Heather Flaherty of The Bent Agency

Adult and YA agent Heather Flaherty is accepting submissions. Learn ’s interested in and how you can submit. Originally Massachusetts, Heather Flaherty is a literary agent at The Bent Agency . began her publishing career in the editorial department at Random House UK. Heather now strives to help new authors find publishing success. For YA fiction, ’s looking for all genres. especially loves YA fantasy. also adores good, issue-related YA with humor and heart, as well as hard-hitting contemporary YA. In middle-grade, likes it stark, truthful, and dark—contemporary or historical, as long as it’s accessible. These stories can have magical or fantasy elements, as well. In adult fiction, likes complex, female-centric thrillers and commercial women’s fiction with solid storytelling and strong voices, both contemporary and historical. ’s always on the lookout for fantastic, up-market projects that bridge the gap between commercial and literary lists. And adores horror: stories that are deep, dark, and disturbingly complex. Here, we ask Heather to give advice for aspiring authors. We talk to her about being agent, and what she hopes to see in her slush pile. How did you become agent? […]

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