Literary Agents: If you had once piece of pitching advice, what would it be?

The National Creative Writing Graduate Fair on the 3rd is just around the corner, and so is your chance to pitch your novel, short story collection, memoir, or anything else your mind can cook up, to some of the best literary agents in the country. But what are agents actually looking for in a pitch? How can you do your work justice in all of a few minutes? To give you a hand in preparing, we the agents themselves a simple question: if you have one piece of pitching advice to give to our writers, what it be? Below you’ll their responses, each a personal piece of advice, in their own words. Every project is different, every agent is different, and so of course every piece of advice is different too – but hopefully you’ll material here to help you with your pitch! For those who haven’t booked yet, tickets are still on sale for this dedicated event for creative writers. Join us for a full day of panels, talks and workshops exploring topics working with agents and editors, writing the perfect synopsis, and digital opportunities for writers. Plus, pitch your work […]

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