Lost Light #7 - Generations - IDW Comic Book

Megatron has left, and the crew is preparing to leave the Necroworld. Decisions will be made, feelings explored, hearts will be broken. It never ends. After Megatron (A Dissolution Epilogue) is written by James Roberts with pencils by Jack Lawrence and inks by John Wycough, and colors by Joana Lafuente. This review contains SPOILERS, and might be skipped if you have not read but intend to read the comic. Yup, that’s Lug, totally fine and unchanged despite having been reconstituted from a 400 year-old flower. I’m surprised, but I shouldn’t be. the whole, being a wrapup/decompression issue after Dissolution , a lot of it has that stalled feeling that MTMTE into in the midst of Season 2. I don’t think it’s inherently bad to stop for characters to indulge in self-examination, but none of it is particularly satisfying. It’s a little too convenient that, after going through so much with Megatron, all of the cast seems perfectly willing to believe the worst of him, with practically no exceptions. Nobody has even considered that in the middle of a ridiculous situation was waylaid or got lost. This sits ill with me after going to […]

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