Love Education

Busan 2017 Review Independent; 120 minutes Director: Sylvia Chang Death is literally the beginning in the cross-generational relationship drama Love Education , which closes the 2017 Busan International Film Festival today. In depicting a quintessentially Chinese family dispute about burial sites that sets free unspoken sorrows building across half a century, it reveals how the idea and expression of love have evolved in a vastly changed Middle Kingdom. The movie opens with an aged lady on her dying bed. As per the long-standing tradition of cinematic romanticism, the last flashes of consciousness play out in a dreamy, amorous sequence of remembered bliss with her white-haired beau. Somewhat more surprisingly, no profound parting words seem to come out of her trembling mouth when daughter Huiying (Sylvia Chang), son-in-law Xiaoping (Zhuangzhuang Tian) and granddaughter Weiwei (Yueting Lang) gather around to send grandma off in a moment of heightened sentimentality. This initially insignificant detail proves to be a source of intrigue later on. Because, despite Weiwei’s account to the contrary, Huiying insists that her mother has asked to have the remains of her late husband moved back from the country in order for them to be buried together. As the party of […]

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