“Loving Vincent” delivers sparkling visuals but stumbles on storytelling

Douglas Booth voices Armand Roulin, a postman’s son trying to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding Vincent Van Gogh’s death. Photo: BreakThru Films “Loving Vincent,” the product of six years of toil by directors Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman, is a film that aspires to go down in history as a landmark in visuals: It is the first film in history to be animated entirely in oil paintings, each painting painstakingly rendered in Vincent Van Gogh’s distinctive style. However, the top marks it receives in its visual style are somewhat offset by a plot that drags on and fails to give the audience a sense of closure. According to the “Loving Vincent” movie website , 126 painters created 65,000 oil paintings, each constituting a single frame. The painters used a technique in which they would paint the first frame of a shot on a canvas, and then paint the second frame on the same canvas, and so on, until the final frame of the shot formed the top layer of the canvas. The end result is spectacular. Every frame is a feast for the eyes; the fact that the entire movie is done in Van Gogh’s style of broad brushstrokes […]

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