Maity and the murky tales

hym26Bhaskar Chattopadhyay Bhaskar Chattopadhyay’s debut novel Patang was a crackling thriller. He followed it up with Penumbra , in which he introduced a home-grown detective, Janardhan Maity. His new crime thriller, Here Falls the Shadow (Hachette publishing), places Maity and his friend/narrator in the sleepy town of Nimdeora where a life is under threat and tales of a do the rounds. In the last four years, Chattopadhyay has had eight books to his credit, including an anthology of short and translations. Excerpts from an interview with the : All three of your novels explore crime. What draws you to genre and who are your favourite crime fiction ? Believe it not, it’s a coincidence. Patang was written because someone from the world asked me to a thriller for the screen. My second one, Penumbra , was written because I wanted to create my own detective — someone like Poirot or Feluda. The book was received, so much so that began asking me if I would follow it up with another mystery novel featuring the same detective and his loyal friend. So, I did, and Here Falls The Shadow was written. As […]

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