MAN AT WORK | A conversation with Colin Hay

Colin Hay Photo by Sebastian Smith Colin Hay’s career is a rarity. As the singer and chief songwriter for Men at Work, the Australian band that burst onto the scene in 1982 with a debut album that spawned two iconic mega hits (“Down Under” and “Who Can It Be Now?”), he and his bandmates looked to be poised for massive and long-term success. The band, however, seemed to fall apart just as quickly as its members became stars. Before the decade was over, Hay was left without a band, major label or even a fan base. What he did next — pre-Internet no less — was almost groundbreaking. He simply began to play solo in small venues, and over the years built a small but loyal (and often well-connected) fan base. Throw in some massive TV and film placements and Hay, who just turned 64, is riding a career high. As popular as he’s ever been and with a tremendous new record, Fierce Mercy , he’s far from the nostalgia act that many of his contemporaries have become. The Reporter caught up with the longtime L.A.-based singer/songwriter to talk about his curious career. You’re getting ready to play the […]

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