Margaret Magee

Emerging Writer Member Profile Member Bio: Margaret Magee reads on the train in the mornings, works in financial services, reads on the train going home, and writes at night and weekends. She has written four manuscripts in the historical fiction genre, dating back WW2 and a of short stories. When her Blue White Daisies was published online at CreativeWritingInk, readers asked for more and she has just finished her fifth manuscript, a contemporary novel developing the theme of living dementia and the past catching up. Her idea of relaxing and recharging the batteries is on the ‘out of office’, off her phone, and holidaying in a warm Languedoc village. Sample is a typical Irish June day; the day that Hubert to dishonour his marriage vows. A soft rain has smothered the bushes in glassy droplets; the eucalyptus tree swells its minty fingers, shivering in the mild breeze. Minuscule beads, each of them identical, skate off leaves and cling to their dampened underbellies they fall splat to the ground. The grass needs cutting. It occurs to Hubert that every particle of nature its place and attends to […]

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