COURTESY OF STEVE JURVESTON/CC BY SA 2.0 Lin Manuel Miranda wrote and starred in Broadway’s smash-hit Hamilton. I was very late to the Hamilton party. I’m not going to lie to you, as a Brit, I wasn’t that interested in a musical about America, America’s Founding Fathers and animosity for Britain. That doesn’t by any means suggest that I wasn’t beyond excited to see the show in London just a week after it opened. Before hearing about Hamilton , I had never listened to any of the music, and (I apologize for my lack of American knowledge) had never even heard of Alexander Hamilton. In fact, I knew relatively little about the Founding Fathers before watching the musical and have learned very little since then — aside from what I’ve heard from obsessively listening to the soundtrack on repeat at every possible moment. That was until I attended a talk at the Homewood Museum given by Tony Award-nominated author, producer and director Mark Bramble, entitled 42nd Street, Barnum, and Hamilton: Dance for Theatrical Storytelling . The talk was given alongside the museum’s current exhibition, Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made Modern America . Despite being mainly attracted to the […]