Marshall (2017): Early Years of a Genius Legal Giant

With a list of lauded cast members, the film Marshall (2017), embarks upon the task of transforming a legal giant’s story onto the silver screen. brave endeavor is the storytelling of one of Thurgood Marshall’s earlier cases (before Brown vs. Board of Education). It encapsulates the essence of purpose and determination in the career of one of the greatest legal minds country has ever known. The movie, Marshall speaks about blatent truths of prejudice and racism, uncovering the most subtle injustices lurking in the minds of the American (the north and the south). Director Reginald Hudlin is known for movies like House Party, Boomerang, Django Unchained, and several television shows. Producers include Reginald Hudlin, Paula Wagner, and Jonathan Sanger. Writers are Jacob Koskoff Michael Koskoff. Thurgood Marshall (Chadwick Boseman) had been hired by the NAACP to argue cases and provide legal aid for innocent victims of racial injustice around the United States. He established that the original laws of the U.S constitution never meant to people of color. However, Marshall exercised these laws to provide for the civil rights , asserting that a of color can and should receive a fair […]

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