Marvel’s The Punisher review: Would there ever have been a ‘right’ time for this series?

In an episode of Netflix animation BoJack Horseman that aired earlier this year, some of the show’s Hollywood bigwigs found themselves with a problem: the frequency of real-life mass shootings in America, which keep interfering with the release of their new gun-happy action film Ms Taken. “This is so sad,” the movie’s fictional star Courtney Portnoy (Sharon Horgan) says after the latest attack. “You always hear about mass shootings affecting other people’s movie openings, but you never think they’re gonna affect YOUR movie opening.” She hastily adds: “Of course my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.” What you need to know before watching Marvel’s The Defenders Marvel’s The Punisher gets a smashing new trailer When is Star Trek: Discovery back on Netflix? It was a dark joke that became a grim reality for Marvel’s latest Netflix superhero series The Punisher earlier this year, when the show’s New York Comic Con launch was postponed due to the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas on 1st October. In watching the series, which follows a gun-toting vigilante (Jon Bernthal) as he metes out bloody justice on those who’ve wronged him, it’s hard not to feel a little […]

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