Mary Gauthier's 'Rifles and Rosary Beads' Is Modern Folk Music at Its Best

The songwriter paired with veterans to write the music for her latest album, and not she could7;ve predicted the powerful result. Annalise Domenighini Jan 26 2018, 6:00pm When Mary Gauthier decided to use her role as a folk musician to elevate the voices of the frequently unheard on her latest album Rifles and Rosary Beads , she did nothing more than take advantage of a centuries-old tradition. Working with veterans for her latest record—her overall 11th record, 8th studio record, and first not to focus specifically on her lived experience— is nothing short of a folk music mission statement, and by using her platform she achieves so many who tout themselves and musicians and activists strive to do: She hands over the reins to those who need most, in a way that prioritizes their longevity. Advertisement “ saves you in the battle / kill you at home,” sings Gauthier on “Soldering On,” mixing electric guitar and fiddle harmonies to create a sound that modernizes folk music while paying tribute to its history. This is how the 55-year-old folk opens her latest album, Rifles and Rosary Beads , a collaboration with SongwritingWith:Soldiers , a nonprofit […]

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