The Maze Runner movies have been an enjoyable outlier in the 21st century YA fantasy genre. For two films now they’ve focused more on action and bizarre mysteries than anything resembling serious melodrama. The heroes of The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials barely have time to catch their breath. Taking a break to pontificate about their feelings is a luxury that none of them could afford… until now. The third film in the series, The Death Cure, has all the exhilarating action we’ve come to expect from this trilogy but, because it has to wrap everything up, it also gets more personal and dramatic. And that’s a problem. The story is ending – heck, maybe even the whole WORLD is ending – and the good guys and bad guys are both wondering about what impact they’ve had and whether or not they’ll ever get closure with the people they love, and none of it works because for two of these films all these characters have been total mysteries. Most of them are amnesiacs, for crying out loud. Amnesia was the perfect excuse to have them run headlong into the next deathtrap without thinking about their personal baggage, but […]

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