Erica Bernhiem is the 2017 winner of Arcturus magazine’s inaugural award for poetry. Her three award-winning poems ,“Sinkholes in Florida,” “Origami Flapping Wings,” and “Glory Hole Roulette” exude wit and discomfort just a dash of commentary. I was lucky enough to speak her about the poetry of ethics and etiquette, as well as her of advice columns. Chrissy Martin: First of all, congratulations on winning the 2017 Swati Award for Poetry! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what drew you to poetry? Erica Bernheim: Thank you! I have lived in central Florida since 2008, but spent most of my life prior to that in the Midwest: Ohio, Iowa, and Illinois. Now I teach creative writing at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, and that I lived in for about ten years. I don’t clearly recall a time when I wasn’t writing or trying to , but it wasn’t until about halfway through earning my undergraduate degree that I began writing poetry with sort of desire to do so. Before that, I was much more focused on writing short stories, despite my lack of interest in plot and general […]