‘Minnesota Gangsters’ coming to Sauk Centre

When traveling the roads of Minnesota, it can be hard to imagine that once upon a time, well-known gangsters traveled the same roads. Some gangsters were considered low-level criminals. Others were just a regular mom and pop who were making moonshine, said Researcher and Author Chad Lewis. At about 10:50 a.m., Sept. 18, 1967, a slender built man with dark Leo Humbert of St. Anthony robbed the State Bank of Grey Eagle of $3,785, Sept. 18, 1967. He was later captured in Denver, Colo. grey eyes and a dark complexion entered the State Bank of Grey Eagle. He was carrying a briefcase, a blue notebook and a small jar that contained a clear liquid. There were no other customers in the bank at the time. At first, the cashier and manager of the bank, M.M. Menge, thought that Leo Humbert was a salesman. But as he found himself on the other end of a .38 caliber revolver, he quickly understood what the man was about, said a news article written in The Grey Eagle Gazette, Sept. 21, 1967. Humbert was upset he only got away with $3,785 in cash. Even though he had demanded more, bank employees were unable […]

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