Mothers by Chris Power review – lonely voices living in a maternal world

Buy Now A large deal of detection of the lonely voice, to combine two famous descriptions of the short story, is at work in Chris Power’s debut collection, Mothers . The London-born author, whose father is from Waterford , has been writing for more than a decade on the form in his “brief survey of the short story” column in the Guardian . His fiction has been published in The Stinging Fly , The Dublin Review and The White Review , some of which – like the engrossing story Run – reappear in this debut offering. As with most of the stories in the collection, Run centres on a character’s loneliness. For David the narrator, this occurs within his relationship to Gunilla, a woman seemingly uninterested in loving or being loved. After a fractious night in Gunilla’s childhood home in Sweden that sees mother and daughter tear strips off each other, the narrator and his girlfriend retreat to a guest house in Simrishamn where he fears impending abandonment: “He had never known anyone as independent as her. When she left a room it might be for five minutes, or three hours, or forever.” Power zooms in on the everyday […]

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