Char­l­ize Theron stars as Lor­raine Broughton “Atom­ic Blonde.” (Spe­cial Pho­to: Jonathan Prime/​Focus Fea­tures) ® 2 12 of 4 stars the wake of the crit­i­cal and box office suc­cess of the two “John Wick” flicks, for­mer stunt man turned direc­tor David Leitch may have just ginned up anoth­er poten­tial high­ly lucra­tive action fran­chise with “Atom­ic Blonde.” Based on the graph­ic nov­el, “The Cold­est City,” by Antony John­ston, the screen­play by Kurt John­stad (“Act of Val­or,” “300”) includes all of the action sta­ples we’ve come to expect and few like­ly to sur­prise many. Char­l­ize Theron stars as Lor­raine Broughton, a plat­inum blonde Eng­lish MI6 agent charged with going to Berlin just as the Cold War is about to end to retrieve a list of spies and dou­ble agents. Told flash­back by a bat­tered and bruised Broughton after the com­ple­tion of the mis­sion, the sto­ry itself is sort of weak and unnec­es­sar­i­ly fussy, no more so than your aver­age James Bond out­ing. The tar­get demo­graph­ic (young Amer­i­can men and every­one the world not liv­ing the U.S.) gen­er­al­ly don’t care a lick about plot. They want chase scenes, explo­sions, up close and per­son­al fisticuffs and, if […]