Movie Review: Black Panther

I had two fears before watching this film. The first fear was, because the extended universe and the fact that Infinity Wars be the next movie, Black Panther could get muddled in his own film by adding too many other Marvel heroes. That didn’t happen. The second fear was the idea that Disney would make a movie that shamelessly panders to African Americans in an effort to get more people color to buy tickets to their movies. That, thankfully, was also not the case. ’s only the critics who seem to be pandering. THE GOOD: Black Panther bucks the Marvel fatigue that many people may be feeling by structuring itself around a genuinely interesting plot. Wakanda—the home Black Panther and his people—is the source vibranium in the world. The reason for this is because an alien meteor happened to crash there thousands years ago. Vibranium isn’t only the strongest metal on Earth, (Captain America’s shield is made it) but it has a variety magic properties that can power technology, energy sources, and give out super human abilities. Vibranium helped Wakanda develop into a technological marvel a nation resources […]

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