2018 Midwest Independent Film Festival selection COLD WAR — 4 STARS The Cold War of the second half of the 20th century is often defined as a time period of geopolitical tension with no large-scale fighting. Break the “geopolitical” word up and you have a conflict about ideals and territory. With every intended joke possible, romantic relationships have some of the very same perils. Aping those historical stakes with a clever play on multiple meanings, J. Wilder Konshak’s comical indie film carries a perfect title and one unlucky relationship that turns from amorous to afflicted in the split-second of a sneeze. Seek this gem out on VOD on April 6th. <br/> Textbook Adulthood ’s Madeline Walter leads as Maggie Berry. She’s a plentifully particular woman who works as a hospital nurse with a snooty side alongside her good friend Dr. Everett Galoup (Antoine McKay, recently of Rogers Park ). She has just moved in with her cuddly beau Jon Chupp (Michael Blaiklock of Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 ), a web developer of sorts. Unpacking and hitching their wagons together stands as a huge step for their modern yuppie lifestyle. They begin to plan a housewarming party, […]

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