MOVIE REVIEW: Does Rolling Out to TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT Mean More of the Same or is There More Than Meets the Eye?

Movies / Reviews / Sci-Fi Imitating 101: How “not” to exactly mimic pose. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, and try again. line of thinking describes the Michael directed Transformers franchise to a near perfect tee… in the quality control department that is. Like its predecessors, the latest installment, Transformers: The Last Knight , attempts to improve upon what came before it. It achieves this objective with a varying degree of success. Albeit very limited success. Financially, every film has found its way into the black both in domestic and international waters. On the side however, critics and Transformers fans alike (myself excluded), have dragged almost every film through the proverbial coals. The main theme trending through complaints is excess. Be it over-sexualization of the lead female roles, over-the-top corniness, runtime, explosions, neurotic characters, or an over-abundance of slow-motion lens flare shots that would make make J.J. Abrams wince; the consensus usually involves being too much of too things (and usually all at once.) Is anything more indulgent than the Outlaw kneeling down to pose with an over-sized Optimus Prime theater stand? As I have argued in […]

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