, 2017. Direct­ed by Ryan Bell­gar­dt. Star­ring Adam Hamp­ton, Kirsty K. Boone, Chris­t­ian Bell­gar­dt, Katie Burgess and Con­nie Franklin. SYNOPSIS: When an estranged fam­i­ly deliv­ers a mys­te­ri­ous box to his house, Adam Thatch­er ini­tial­ly thinks noth­ing it. How­ev­er, it soon becomes appar­ent that the metal­lic con­tain­er actu­al­ly has a clock engraved on it, one that begins tick­ing down with imme­di­ate effect. When­ev­er the dial moves a notch, an ancient crea­ture emerges from the box and kills some­one that Adam cares about. Worse still, it tran­spires that the only one way to pre­vent this from hap­pen­ing, is to will­ing­ly pass the ves­sel along to some­one else, there­by reset­ting the count­down. Adam is thus faced with an ago­nis­ing dilem­ma. Either allow the timer to count down (and let the bod­ies pile up) or pass the ter­ri­ble curse along. Pass­able mon­ster-design aside, Grem­lin is a text­book exam­ple squan­dered , wast­ing a sim­ple but idea on poor CGI, clunky dia­logue and the most bizarrely ter­ri­ble per­for­mances ever com­mit­ted to . The premise of mix­ing a crea­ture fea­ture with a Ringu esque nar­ra­tive, where­in a curse must be passed along before a cer­tain dead­line, should have […]