Movie Review: Ingrid Goes West

In trying to keep up with trends and technology, I am forced to keep learning new terms and acronyms just to understand what people are saying. It started with AFKs (“Away From Keyboard” and LOLs (“Laugh Out Loud”) and has evolved into empty things like MAGA (“Make America Great Again”). The irony about the time-saving effectiveness of using acronyms like this on applications and devices meant to waste time aside, you sometimes encounter one that perfectly defines a feeling or emotion. In this case, the acronym is FOMO, and to understand it is to understand the power of Ingrid Goes West . FOMO stands for “Fear of Missing Out”, which is outwardly used in a playful manner to express envy, but could actually mask toxic feelings of jealousy. In a time where connectivity has become the norm, the fear of missing out on some experience or interaction has reached a phobia-like fever pitch. It has started fights, ended relationships, and, in some extreme cases, has even had fatal results. Have you ever posted something with the intent of making other people jealous? Put up a picture to humble brag? The person on the other end might just be a […]

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