Movie Review: Kubrick’s driver tells all — well, not really — in “S is for Stanley,” now on Netflix

Journalists love the device call “the telling anecdote.” It’s a quote, gathered for a story, that reveals much about the subject of that story in just a few sentences. For instance, many of us who write about film collect tidbits from those who worked director Stanley Kubrick, the genius who made “Dr. Strangelove,” “2001,” and “The Shining.” Here’s one of mine. The John Ireland, who played a sidekick gladiator in Kubrick’s Kirk Douglas vehicle, “Spartacus,” described how Kubrick got the facial expressions for the scene Ireland, Woody Strode and Douglas, as gladiators about to enter the arena to fight to the death, sit in the closed cage that opens the ring. “Stanley wasn’t getting what he wanted out of us. And rather than just talking and talking and doing retakes, he stopped everything and sent assistant out to fetch a record and a record player. It was “Love for Three Oranges” (by Prokofiev). “He gets us back position, rolls camera, and starts the record. Now, I’ve heard it before and I’m remembering where I’ve heard it. Kirk has heard it, too, but he’s kind of gritting his teeth that the whole […]

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