Oh no, ladies, what are youse doing? Not asking this is not an option when every action to clear bride-to-be Jess (Scarlett Johansson, “ Hail, Caesar! ”) and her friends’ involuntary-manslaughtering ways in Rough Night is just reducing Lt. Horatio Caine and team’s investigation time. The bachelorette’s activist friend Frankie (Ilana Glazer, “ The Night Before ”) said it right: Had the kindergarten teacher bestie Alice (Jillian Bell, “ Fist Fight ”) not been so “lethally horny,” Scotty the intense stripper (Ryan Cooper, “Day 5” TV series) would have lit up the pad rather than spilling blood all over it. At one point, the crimson trail goes down the beach as well when the eccentric Australian, Pippa (Kate McKinnon, “ Office Christmas Party ”), elects to give Scotty an aquatic burial — a.k.a. the most effective way to avoid what the lawyer uncle of divorcee Blair (Zoë Kravitz, “ Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ”) said to be some 15 years in prison. Also querying the ladies’ decisions is the traps of the genre, albeit with greater frustration tonally since Rough Night surprisingly manages to avoid them. Sex, the organs for it, drugs, and brutal “look at […]

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