Movie Review – The Big Sick

TL;DR – Emotional, yet funny, Completely relatable, yet deeply personal, a look into what makes us who we . Score – 4.5 out of 5 Review – So The Big Sick was one of those delightful films where I knew nothing about it before I went to see it, which is rare in a time where not only are movie trailers plastered everywhere, but they routinely spoil the films they are promoting. To be fair I had seen one clip, the Thanksgiving Day parade, and you could infer things the poster, but in day and age that’s as close to not knowing as you can get. Also, I was going to give one a pass because I’ve not found the Rom-Com genre to be anything but rehashes of the same material, for years now. So I was completely surprised, because The Big Sick turned out to be nothing like the film I was expecting to see, I’ve not been surprised since The Dressmaker ( review ). The power of family So to set the scene, Kumail (Kumail Nanjiani) is working in a stand-up comedy club in Chicago trying to break into the next level, […]

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