Movie Review: “The Mummy” is mediocre but hardly Tom Cruise’s worst movie

Movie Review: “The Mummy” (PG-13) “The Mummy” is comparable to the Brendan Fraser reboot in that both films feel like second-rate Indiana Jones knockoffs. The big difference is that this version has an A-list star in Tom Cruise whereas the 1999 version starred a goofy but charming Brendan Fraser. One thing both movies have in common, other than the title and the fact that they’re both based on an iconic Universal Pictures monster property, is that they’re completely unnecessary. In this big-budget take on “The Mummy” from director Alex Kurtzman (“People Like Us”), Tom Cruise stars as Nick Morton, a soldier of fortune whose run-in with an ancient supernatural force could spell certain doom for all humanity. That force comes in the form of Ahmanet (Sophia Boutella), an Egyptian princess who was sentenced to mummification thousands of years earlier for the murder of her pharaoh father. When Morton inadvertently assists in the unleashing of Ahmanet from her mummified tomb, he is quickly seduced by her power. Will artifacts expert Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Walis), smartass sidekick Chris Vail (Jake Johnson), and the mysterious head of an underground organization (Russell Crowe) be enough to help Morton destroy that which he is […]

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