Mudbound movie review: Dee Rees’ gut-wrenching tale of racism and love is a must watch

Tweet Cast: Jason Clarke , Carey Mulligan , Garret Hedlund , Jason Mitchell Director: Dee Rees It’s impossible to forget what you witness in the third act of Dee Rees’ Mudbound , a film that questions the meaning of love and identity, even if you have no clue about the long history of racism in the US. The film is set in a time and place where there were different rules for whites and blacks; friendship between people from the two races was frowned up; and more importantly, a man didn’t have the liberty to do what he wanted. The third act, which completely focuses on the consequences of crossing the line, so to speak, is a commentary of the country’s past and it feels more relevant than ever in contemporary times when hate crimes have been dominating headlines. There’s tension in the air and Dee Rees period drama taps into this fear to deliver a gut-wrenching film that, once again, refreshes the debate on racism and finding hope when there is none. Based on a novel of the same name by Hillary Jordan, Mudbound focuses on the simmering tensions between two Mississippi families — one black, one white […]

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