'Mum said: you can’t do Crimewatch. You’ll be murdered too’: Sally Magnusson on her biggest regret

Sally Magnusson LIKE everyone else, Sally Magnusson is made of stories. The stories her family told her about the hills in Iceland where the elves live. The stories she read to herself when she needed comfort and support. And the stories she tells others, about regret and hope, death and dementia, slavery and history, and about all the different kinds of love of which humans are capable. Pretty much all these stories, and more, turn up in some form in Magnusson’s new novel, a historical epic inspired in part by her Icelandic heritage, passed down from her father, the broadcaster Magnus Magnusson. The novel is also inspired by the true story of 400 Icelanders who were abducted by Turkish pirates in the 17th century and taken to Africa to live as slaves – and by the idea of story itself and how fiction can make fact more bearable. It certainly has in Magnusson’s case. I’m meeting the writer and Reporting Scotland presenter to talk about the novel and it turns out she’s a little nervous about how it’s going to be received. She’s written lots of books in the past – most famously Where Memories Go in which she […]

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