Must-Read Poetry: July 2017

Poetry forces to slow down, sit, and pay attention. Poets make work, and we should be thankful for that; language is resurrected when it’s spun and stretched and smoothed. is a banner year for poetry: debuts, new takes established authors, and collections that span careers. In this monthly column, I’ll profile new titles that are worth your time. Stories transfigurations and conflagrations. Poets affirming their existence on the . Poetry that cuts through the daily noise and does justice to words. Here are five notable books of poetry publishing in July. Sánchez’s debut collection begins with “Quinceañera,” a about desire born when “Summer boredom flutters its / sticky wings.” Cooking wine is guzzled. Old whiskey is downed. “In the warmth of your bedroom,” the narrator pierces her navel with a safety pin, and tumbles backward in time as her skin remains pressed against the present. Out “in the murky dance clubs,” music “vibrating / your face and skull,” there is a pain that “suckles you,” and “Everywhere, / you hold its lumpy head to your breast like a saint.” I put a lot of worth on a poet’s opening salvo, and Sánchez sets […]

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