Continuing my recent theme of addressing common New Years resolutions in a frugal and thoughtful way (earlier entries included getting fit , building new friendships , saving money , using a planner and setting goals , and reading more books ), today I’m going to take a look at another common New Year’s resolution – journaling. Many people decide at some point that they want to start journaling for some reason or another – perhaps they’ve heard about the benefits of doing so, or maybe they simply want a log of their life to look back on over time or to pass on to their descendants (I know I love looking at my grandmother’s old journal entries). I do it for both reasons, though the self-reflection reason shines a little brighter for me. Journaling can also be very cost-effective, too. You don’t need a fancy journal or an expensive pen or a bunch of software to do it. Here’s what I do and how I keep it cost-effective. My Daily Journaling Practice I have written in a journal on a regular basis since 1987. I have done so on a (nearly) daily basis since the early 1990s. I still […]

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