Kevin Craig ‘Both of Helen’s feet bled steadily she walked. She fought to ignore the blisters making a nasty soup of blood and puss in the heel of of her merino wool socks. It was nine a.. With passing hour she lost a little more of her to continue. She held to the of her ex-husband’s laughter at the folly she displayed in thinking she could make this journey. She carried her daughter Meagan’s doubt, freely given when she had told her of her goal. Their lack of was perhaps the only thing left to propel Helen forward to Santiago.’ So begins the short story that fully and completely consumed me for one hour March 20th when I first noticed the quickly approaching deadline for the Writers’ Community of Simcoe County ‘s Word Word Short Fiction Contest . I had mulled it over in my mind that I wanted to enter the contest, but never actually got around to writing for it. The Camino de Santiago had at the top of my mind for some time. The anniversary of my walk to Santiago de Compostela was quickly […]

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