New Book From Allen Carr's Easyway Teaches How To Successfully Manage Worry & Anxiety

– ‘ The Easy Way to Mindfulness ‘ available from 15 November 2017 – # EasywaytoM indfulness – " I know so many people who have turned their lives around after reading Allen Carr ‘ s books. " – Richard Branso Coinciding Self Care Week 2017, the world’s leading authority on addictions and empowering ‘self-help’, Allen Carr’s Easyway, has released a brand new title, The Easy Way to Mindfulness. Mindfulness, well known as a way for coping stress, anxiety and , is an approach that echoes the underlying principles of Allen Carr’s Easyway method. Both work by unravelling the misconceptions that keep us trapped in a negative, harmful way of thinking. Both help us to see that body and mind are components of an incredible machine and by a closer connection to our sensory system, we maintain focus on the present and see things as really are. When we are able to our negative thoughts, it leads to a clearer, more positive mindset and reverses the vicious circle of negativity and sets in motion a new cycle of health and happiness. All of this is presented and effectively in this […]

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