New Book From Allen Carr's Easyway Teaches How To Successfully Manage Worry & Anxiety

– ‘ The Easy to Mindfulness ‘ available 15 November 2017 – # EasywaytoM indfulness – " I know so many people have turned their lives around after reading Allen Carr ‘ books. " – Sir Richard Branso n Coinciding with Self Care Week 2017, the world’ leading authority addictions and empowering ‘self-’, Allen Carr’ Easyway, has released a brand new title, The Easy Way to Mindfulness. Mindfulness, well known as a way for coping with stress, anxiety and depression, is an approach that echoes the underlying principles of Allen Carr’ Easyway method. Both work by unravelling the misconceptions that keep us trapped in a negative, harmful way of thinking. Both help us to see that body and mind are components of an incredible machine and by developing a closer connection to our sensory system, we can maintain focus on the and see things as they really are. we are able to challenge our negative thoughts, it leads to a clearer, more positive mindset and reverses the vicious circle of negativity and sets in motion a new cycle of health and happiness. All of this is presented simply and effectively in this […]

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