The songwriter paving the way for the next generation. Sitting down with Naaz in a studio in Amsterdam earlier this year, I am immediately struck by the professionalism of the 19 year old. Celebrating her birthday only days before we meet, the Holland-based songwriter’s work ethic clearly comes from her experience growing up. “I feel like because I wasn’t always allowed to chase my dreams, I’ve always had to work really, really hard to get things done for myself because I was simply just not allowed to get out of the house to do these things,” she tells me. “So, I feel like those things kind of make you grow up a little earlier than a normal 18 or 19 year old.” Raised in a conservative Kurdish household, Naaz refused to be confined to the path that she was supposed to follow, attributing her entry into the music world to a mentor who convinced her parents to let her give the “whole music thing” a go. Talking about that moment, a smile spreads across her face so wide it looks like it’s about to burst at the seams: “It’s so great to have someone that changes your life, that […]

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