Lore, Episode 2, Passing Notes. Courtesy Amazon Prime If you’re the sort who’s skittish at heart and easily agitated or frightened, you should probably take a pass on Lore , the new fact-based horror anthology on Amazon that streams this Friday the 13th. For the rest of us, who live for a good scare, we’ll be there sitting in the dark, chain-bingeing past midnight on six brand-new disturbing tales based on the real people and events behind our modern-day myths and legends. Anticipation in fandom is already running a fever that can only be cured with a shot of the good freaky stuff – and they’ll get it with celebrated dread veterans Gale Anne Hurd, executive producer of The Walking Dead , and Glen Morgan, former executive producer of The X-Files , on board as the proprietors of TV’s latest screamer-streamer. “We are in the unscripted, alternative side of ‘this is truth’ – we want to do something that hasn’t been seen before on streaming or TV,” says Hurd, who also produced films such as The Terminator and Aliens early in her career. Lore brings to visual life the podcast phenomenon of its narrator and creator Aaron Mahnke, who […]