Nope, 'Nothing Rhymes With Orange': Adam Rex's new kids' book delights

Putnam / Chronicle / Clarion "Nothing Rhymes Orange" by Rex, Chronicle, 48 pages, $16.9, ages 5-8 The orange, an actual orange pen and ink features, finds himself playing the role of Charlie Brown-outsider as his fruit pals celebrate their eminently rhyme-worthy names increasingly bold verse and the feel-good refrain, "Fruit! They’re healthy happy colorful and cute!" Who wouldn’t want to be invited to this party? A cantaloupe, a quince, even a fig gets in the door. But the orange, who keeps up a charmingly indignant commentary, can’t find an opening. "This ’s sorta gone off the rails," says grumpily when the paper bag sky goes dark and a "pearwolf" howls in a verse rhyming "bite" and "bright." But the scene rescued by the right fruit — even the orange has to admit it — and the insults keep . "Waitaminute — yams aren’t fruit!" our hero rails. Rex transforms photographic images of fruit into lively characters with just a few deft strokes of black ink. Kids will love the bold rhymes and wacky adventures. Funny, visually entertaining and — yes, here comes the fruit pun — fresh as can be, this […]

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