Put­nam /​Chron­i­cle /​Clar­i­on “Noth­ing Rhymes with Orange” by Adam Rex, Chron­i­cle, 48 pages, $16.99, ages 5 – 8 The orange, an actu­al orange with pen and ink fea­tures, finds him­self play­ing the role of Char­lie Brown-out­sider as his fruit pals cel­e­brate their emi­nent­ly rhyme-wor­thy names with increas­ing­ly bold verse and the feel-good refrain, “Fruit! They’re healthy hap­py col­or­ful and cute!” Who wouldn’t want to be invit­ed to this par­ty? A can­taloupe, a quince, even a fig gets in the door. But the orange, who keeps up a charm­ing­ly indig­nant com­men­tary, just can’t find an open­ing. “This book’s sor­ta gone off the rails,” he says grumpi­ly when the paper bag sky goes dark and a “pear­wolf” howls in a verse rhyming “bite” and “bright.” But the scene is res­cued by just the right fruit — even the orange has to admit it — and the insults keep com­ing. “Wait­a­minute — yams aren’t fruit!” our hero rails. Rex trans­forms pho­to­graph­ic images of fruit into live­ly char­ac­ters with just a few deft strokes of black ink. Kids will love the bold rhymes and wacky adven­tures. Fun­ny, visu­al­ly enter­tain­ing and — yes, here comes the fruit pun — fresh as can be, this […]