Nora Roberts birthday special: All hail the queen of romance!

Nora Roberts has managed to rule not just bestselling lists, but also readers’ hearts. In celebration of her birthday, Manasi Y Mastakar gives a glimpse in the author’s world “Love and magic have a great deal in common. They enrich the soul, delight the heart. And they both take practice.” –Nora Roberts How do you begin when writing about one of your favourite authors? Do start with the author’s journey or do you speak about your first encounter with the writer? After all, you want the beginning to be interesting since it’s about one of your favourite person. Many times, romance as a genre is looked down upon by literary snobs. You say you love to read romance, and the conclusion is you might not be intelligent enough to understand to read books that have been nominated for or won coveted awards like Man Booker prize or the likes. And I beg to differ, I would say to understand romance you need high emotional quotient. After all, you can’t understand romance if you have (to put it in Hermione Granger’s words) an “emotional range of a teaspoon”. I am a romantic, unabashedly so, and I have no qualms about […]

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