Not Your Man: Clash Meets Marika Hackman

Marika Hackman ClashMusic Features 23 · 06 · 2017 Taking a quantum leap with her sophomore, ‘I’m Not Your Man’, Marika Hackman shines bolder and brighter than ever. Her savvy folk receives an influx of Britpop with grungy edges and a tangible sense of humour. Pushing through the boundaries of her debut album, ‘We Slept At Last’, Marika have found a place of creative innovation and empowerment. The album reaches for the full emotional spectre, from shrieks and giggles to heartfelt loneliness, and yet there are cyclical themes running through the tracks. “It deals mainly with female relationships and female sexuality,” she tells Clash. “It holds a lot of female power, and it’s probably the most direct music I’ve written over the last six years”. “It’s quite tongue in cheek, there’s a lot of humour on there, but it’s still quite dark. It’s certainly much more grungy and got more shades of pop than anything I’ve done before,” she admits. The progression is steep from her debut single, ‘You Come Down’, through to her latest, ‘I’m Not Your Man’, but it wasn’t only musical growth that coloured the creative process. “I was a lot more empowered. I’d made some […]

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