Notts launches ‘Literary Greats’ campaign to attract US visitors

DH Lawrence Birthplace Museum Nottinghamshire is set to lead a new project to attract more American visitors to the area in partnership with Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature, Visit Hampshire and Shakespeare’s England. The project, called ‘Creating England’s Literary Greats’, is one of a number of successful bids to secure funding from The £40 million Discover England Fund, administered by VisitEngland, which funds projects to enhance England’s tourism offer to overseas visitors. The Fund is a central government funded programme of activity, supported by match funding by partners in the public and private sectors. Focusing on the US travel trade, the project aims to explore the demand for increased literary themed visits to England, introducing new ideas for itineraries and presenting them to US tour operators to sell in their programmes. Lord Byron Brendan Moffett, chief executive of Visit Nottinghamshire said: “This is fantastic news for Nottinghamshire and we’re thrilled to have been awarded this opportunity to test the market to see if there’s an appetite for US tourists to explore our literary legends and their attractions, including DH Lawrence Birthplace Museum and Newstead Abbey. “The concept behind the project is based on research from VisitBritain, which has found […]

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