Hey Steemians! Today I wanted to write another music post, but as I was writing I felt like writing a little short story and decided I would share. Hope you enjoy 🙂 Of Cold and Comfort Mornings have quickly established themselves as the most enjoyable part of the day in winter, at least for me. I get up, feel the cold of the world on my not yet fully clothed skin and take a moment to realize, “Damn, it feels good to be alive.” There’s a sort of boost in work ethic that comes from sitting in the cold; With Jack Frost biting at your toes you tend to want something to focus on. But it’s not just the cold, I’ve been testing out all of the temperature settings that I have to figure out what I like most for what situation and combining this with timed window openings for the fresh airflow. Indeed, the scientific method always proves itself effective. So now I wake up, open the window, because I tend to have it closed during the night due to noise, and try to judge how much I need to adjust the heater to where I can just […]