On Our Bookshelves – Hemingway Didn’t Say That

*** BOOK: Hemingway Didn’t Say That AUTHOR: Garson O’Toole YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 2017 REVIEW: was tagging along with my husband to a in Cambridge, Massachusetts, earlier this year when wandered into the MIT Coop. ’m one of those people who can’t go by a bookstore without checking it out, and always end up buying something, no matter how many unread books have waiting for me at home. This time was no exception, and among the nerdy special interest tables, found Hemingway Didn’t Say That , and bought it to join the other waiting books. *** finally got around to reading it this week, and concluded that this is just the of book we need in these times. am constantly spurious quotes on my Facebook feed, recently some Screwtape Letters fan fiction. Also, I keep seeing this bit of writing (which was rather popular, and generally listed as “author unknown” in the 180s) attributed to Jorge Louis Borges: A fter a while you learn the subtle difference, Between holding a hand and chaining a soul. And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning, And company doesn’t mean security. […]

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