Robin Phillips poses for a portrait on Thursday at his home in Bountiful, with a copy of Reader’s Digest that features his photograph on the . Robin Phillips has always wanted be like his grandfather, Alton Morton. describing the man, Phillips pauses, trying find the right descriptor. He settles on the word “adventurer.” Morton was one of the original river runners on the Colorado River. In the 1940s, he even built a special boat for those runs that included housing for a movie camera, which he used through the 1960s. “So he mounted a 16 millimeter movie camera in the front of the boat, would run the rivers on these big expeditions. then the — you know, cut it into a movie show it,” said Phillips, a longtime Bountiful resident. “So I always wanted be like him, and it’s only been recently that I’ve finally been able afford a camera good enough even try it.” Phillips doesn’t make movies, but he does take photographs. One of those photos graces the newest cover of Reader’s Digest, which newsstands this past Tuesday. In the magazine’s 95 of […]