On Trails: An Exploration …Book Review

I can now say that when I walk a trail here in Maine, or anyplace for that matter, I will hold a new appreciation for them, and see them differently since reading Robert Moor’s book, On Trails: An Exploration . This, Moor’s first book, is a wonderful history lesson on the spell binding nature of trails, and is a memorable journey to pursue for anyone interested in paths today and throughout history. There are many trails throughout the world, many historic, others still waiting to be found. Here in the US, there are the landmark journeys of Lewis and Clark, the homesteaders of the Oregon Trail, and John Muir’s walk through the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. And, let’s not forget the myriad of people today following, in a sense, Henry David Thoreau’s own experience climbing Mount Katahdin fulfilling a right of passage by getting to the summit. Moor begins his journey by reflecting on his successful completion of the Appalachian Trail (AT) as a thru hiker, starting at Springer Mountain in Georgia, and finishing at the summit of Katahdin. Moor opens the book by saying, “Once, years ago, I left home looking for a grand adventure and spent five […]

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