Review Review by Mark Longden I genuinely have no idea to make ONCE UPON A TIME IN VENICE. Like, why was it made? Who thought “, this is definitely the best we can manage” and released it to the public? Just before I looked up the career of co-writer / director Mark Cullen, I had the creeping realisation that this felt like a double episode of a basic-cable light drama show like “Burn Notice”, only not quite as good; it turns out Cullen has previous form in TV, being the creator of two failed shows (“ In The Gam e” and “ Mr Robinson ”), and also the writer of “Cop Out”, the comedy that director Kevin Smith described as the most miserable experience of life. But I feel like Mr Cullen shouldn’t get the lion’ share of the blame for this – that must go to top-billed Bruce Willis, who also starred in “ Cop Out ”, where regularly ignored his script, direction and co-stars for no reason other than could. Well, that was a big cinema , and this isn’t, and it’ safe to say Willis had a deal […]

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