ONE DAY AT A TIME Review: Season 2

One Day a Time manages to build beautifully upon its moving first season with its second season this past week. I laughed, I cried, I felt the passion of Cuba the true heart of what America should be. I was touched by the family bonds learned so much watching a simple television show. But this sitcom anything but simple, for that, I applaud it immensely. One Day at a Time is easily the best multicam sitcom currently on TV. I don’t say that lightly. This show is powerful in its ability to sway our emotions make us care for these characters, it makes me laugh. Not a “haha” here or there, but legitimately, wholeheartedly laugh out loud. The show that made me do this much laughing was Parks Recreation, which I used to watch in my college dorm room, my roommate would throw shoes at me because I would laugh too much while she was trying to study. I was throwing-shoes level laughing at this show. That’s almost a transcendent experience. It’s like reading a that’s not Harry Potter, but Harry Potter-level quality, if you […]

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