‘Only a convinced writer can convince readers’

Jan 6, 2018-Columnist, novelist, screenplay writer, and also an actor Brazesh Khanal is name known in the Nepali media and the literary circle. he might have more particular the projects he takes up of late, he has already written scripts for more than a 100 TV shows and films. Khanal also has two novels to his name: Yayavar (2013) and Juneli (). In this conversation with The Post’s Abha Dhital , the author talks about what readers mean to him, his writing processes, and why the writer’s block is not a myth. Excerpts: When was it that you realised you want to write? How young were you? do remember it was in grade eight that first got a story published in Gorkhapatra, but there is no timeline as such to when realised wanted to write. It was never deliberate or planned. feel it all came to me naturally. I grew up in an environment that saw frequent gatherings of writers at home. I must have gotten drawn to the art subconsciously before I realised I could write. What drives you? What has been the biggest inspiration so […]

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