If you have to pick dozen books to read this , Orion is in my 10, probably my 5. An excellent storyline with riveting sub-plots. The characters, Orion, is so well drawn and realistic, the reader is pulled into his angst and hope for peace in his . This peels away like an onion–yep, onions tears, folks, there’s a lot of emotion in this book–the reader follows Orion’s life from abusive childhood, to wide-eyed PFC, to military hero. This is probably the best thing I’ve read by this author- you won’t be able to this down (I finished at 2am). Well done. This is the first book in the Constellations series. This is Allie Juliette Mousseau writing Raeah Wilding. Since I loved Allie’s Brothers of Ink and Steel series, I really wanted to read this. I usually don’t say anything in my reviews about the covers, but I do have to say that I how this cover is Orion. It’s perfectly him. Okay, on to the story and characters now. I really like Orion, Hope, and Zeus. What Orion and Zeus , is nothing short of incredible. They’ve saved […]

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