Patanjali Sastry: The Avant Garde Fictionist

Patanjali Sastri Spaces speak and nature don an elemental role in the fiction of Patanjali Sastry. For his oeuvre spread across five and half decades starting from 1962, with the first story ‘Seetanna Tata’. And since then he has come a long way, and now has, to his credit, 70 plus stories, seven plays out of which three printed, novelettes, translations of Gatha Saptasathi and monographs for SahityaAkademi. Tallavajhala Patanjali Sastry is the grandson of two doyens of Telugu literature. One is TallavajhalaSivasankara Sastry, from the father’s side, and Mokkapati Narasimha Sastry, the author of famous novel ‘Barrister Parvateesam’ (which was made into a movie and staged many times in the history of Telugu theatre). He while holds the two in high esteem, but he dedicated his first stories volume to both grandmothers (paternal and maternal). While RachakondaVisvahatha Sastry is a maximalist writer, whose canvasses are nothing less than seas and mountains, the style of Patanjali Sastry is to observe a minimalist technique. Hence his stories become dense, multi-layered and give the reader a chance to strain grey cells in order to go ahead in sync with the taut craft of the writer. Skilled writers use voids and silence […]

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