Rosie Lowe (Credit: Sophie Mayanne) Music is all about shade and contrast, about bringing together different elements. Perhaps ’s what makes Machinedrum and Rosie Lowe such a potent . Matching a future-minded producer with a future-minded alt-pop act, the two have combined on numerous tracks, expanding the possibilities inherent both artists’ . Machinedrum’s new single ‘What Is This’ is out now on Ninja Tune, and it features a lush, soulful vocal from Rosie Lowe. Clash got the pair chatting… – – – – – – Travis: Hey Rosie! It’s been two years since we first met in London. What you about that day? Rosie: Can’t believe that was over two years ago… time flies. I it well; we met in Mute Records studio, we drank some coffee, we chatted music and we started playing on some synths and the music started coming quickly. I feeling that great feeling when collaboration feels good and easy and unforced… Travis: Yeah we didn’t have getting in a vibe at all. I remember really liking the fact that you were so open, you even let me help out with lyrics and top line melody which […]